For some people, the mere mention of the word herpes is more than enough to create different emotions. You might feel scared the moment you find out that you actually have herpes. However, you don’t have to feel this way. Although an antibiotic cannot be used to help cure herpes like other forms of STDs, this condition is still treatable. You don’t have to suffer if you have herpes. Instead, you need to live with it and go on with your life, and that includes your sex life.

But, like other STDs, having herpes is something you need to tell your date. If you want to be a responsible person who is sexually active, it is your obligation to yourself and your date to be outright honest about something you have that you might end up transmitting to them.

It is only natural for you to be worried about telling your date that you are diagnosed with genital herpes. The fear of getting rejected and combined with the discomfort about concerns on sexual health can make this subject quite tricky and awkward to bring up. However, for all you know, your date may likely respect and appreciate your honesty and openness. This might even be the perfect opportunity for you and your date to take the relationship to a much higher level of understanding and trust.

So far, there are no hard and fast rules on how to tell your partner about your herpes condition and every person is free to make his or her decision according to the particular situation they are dealing with. But, the good news is that more and more people are now getting accepted and embraced by their new partners than being rejected only because they have genital herpes.

There will always be people who choose to avoid telling their casual partner about their condition. What they do is refraining from any sexual intercourse when they have an outbreak. They also practice safe sex with the use of condoms. Of course, this decision is perfectly okay.

When it comes to relationships, refusing to tell may lead to stress and anxiety that can affect both your sexual and emotional health. For many people, this anxiety that results from not telling is much worse than telling itself. To their delight, their partners actually become more understanding and supportive. By telling your date that you have herpes, you open up a great opportunity to have a shared and honest discussion about any sexual health concern that both of you may have.

If there is something that you have to keep in mind if you have herpes, it is that you should learn to believe in yourself. Never be afraid or hesitant to share what you feel with a person you truly care about and cares about you as well. If the relationship and feelings are true, you will never be abandoned. Instead, the person will stand by your side to help you and not walk away from you, no matter what the situation might be.