If you have herpes, and you are single, dating could be quite challenging. You have to deal with questions as to whether your new partner can be trusted with your secret, and even worry that they will tell the whole world about your condition. But the worst thing that can happen is if they reject you in the most horrible and humiliating way you can never imagine.

While it is estimated that about 1 in 6 adults have either herpes simplex type 2 or herpes simplex type 1, around 80% of these people don’t even know their condition. It can make it very difficult to date with herpes. Good thing there are now dating websites made especially for those who suffer from herpes. At Herpesfriendsdate.com, you can find reliable and quality reviews to help you choose the best dating site for you.

Going out on a date again doesn’t need to be as tough and difficult as you think. Herpes has become more common than what you might think. Once you join the world of herpes dating, you might be surprised to know that it’s like everyone around you is actually suffering from this disease just like you.

How can these herpes dating sites help you bring back dating to your life? Since the people, you will meet on these sites already experienced the changes in life that herpes can do, if you are a new sufferer, you will be able to benefit from their advice and expertise. You will get first-hand answers to all your questions from someone who has been dealing with the same concerns and issues you face right now.
These herpes dating sites are there to offer you support, and give you the help and assistance that you wouldn’t find somewhere else otherwise.

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