herpes friendsDo not let your diagnosis define the rest of your life! These seven websites will have you living a full life, with a larger support staff than you ever had before you were diagnosed with herpes. You can still achieve everything you want in life, and these websites will remind you of that and keep you positive.

Positive Singles

Positive Singles is the best of both worlds. Not only is it a supportive Herpes Positive Community but it is also a registered dating service. Meaning you do not run the risk of having the awkward conversation with your new partner about your status. The site has over one million accounts registered with it and has been in existence since 2001. Their blog features success stories and inspirational stories by the thousands. This should be one of your top websites to visit.

Asha Sexual Health

Are you looking to get a better understanding of your diagnosis and how to live with herpes? The American Sexual Health Association will put you in contact with serious medical health professionals and experts that can provide you information on how to live your life to the fullest. The site offers several PDFs in managing your diagnosis and continuing to live with it.

Herpes Support Groups

Are you looking to communicate with other herpes positive individuals without the pressure of it also being a dating site? Well, this is the website for you. With several topics and active message boards, you can find the right mix of the support group from across the country. You can even select the type of herpes you have been diagnosed with to get a much more personal level of care and support.

Life With Herpes

Life with Herpes is a free community created about a woman named Alexandra who has been living with herpes for over ten years. This whole community based website was designed with the care in mind that Alexandra wished she received following her diagnosis. This guarantees a first-hand level of care you may not get in other community forums, and speaks from a position of going through and trying to find these services elsewhere.

Pink Tent

Pink Tent is a blog run by Dr. Kelly, and is catered to women who are currently living with herpes. The website offers personal one on one coaching with Dr. Kelly, a podcast that she hosts, a weekly video, and conversations in a group chat.

Dating with Herpes

This may sound like a matchmaking website, but what it is a website full of advice in re-entering the dating pool after getting your diagnosis. Each topic is tagged and offers advice on any and all standard questions about dating with herpes. Topics include Herpes Facts, How to get Tested for Herpes, Herpes Support Groups, and telling someone.

Herpes Viruses Association

The Herpes Viruses Association is designed to help those diagnosed with herpes and better understand the disease. It offers a quarterly journal on herpes that covers research and stress management techniques.