#1 Positive Singles

Positive Singles

With more than 1.5 million users that continue to add up each day, PositiveSingles App is no doubt one of the biggest online dating communities you can find today made especially for those who live with one or several STDs. While other dating websites for STD sufferers tend to focus on matching you according to your medical condition alone, PositiveSingles app has been uniquely designed to help people with STDs find people they are compatible with not just according to the virus type they got, but also according to personality levels like astrological star sign compatibility and lifestyle preferences. This is what makes PositiveSingles a unique community which offers more than a simple feature-rich and useful online dating experience that you cannot simply find anywhere else.

#2 Herpes Dating

Herpes Dating App

Herpes Dating app is a completely anonymous, exclusive, and warm-hearted dating community for those who suffer from HIV, HPV, HSV-2, HSV-1, as well as other types of STDs. While it is not necessarily the biggest dating club in this arena, they take pride in being the safest one you can find.

What sets it apart from the rest of the STD dating sites you can find today is that Herpes Dating cares a lot on protecting the personal information of their members. They also have a professional technical team that maintains the server to ensure that everything is secured. They also make sure that no team member will disclose personal information of members to third parties. This is what makes it the safest dating platform if you suffer from herpes.

#3 Hope+

Hope+ app

The Hope+ dating app takes pride in very easy to use. This particular app is made to cater to all the STD and HIV AIDs positive singles from all parts of the world who are either searching for support, friendship, or even love. Contrary to what others think, being infected shouldn’t mean the end of the world for you. Whether you are suffering from HIV or other forms of STDs, there is no need to isolate yourself from the society or stop looking for friendship and love just because you are afraid of being rejected. With the Hope+ app, there is now a chance for you to go out there and enjoy the world because there is so much more than it has to offer.

#4 Hzone

Hzone app

When a person suffers from HIV, shame, guilt, loneliness, and indifference are just some of the feelings that might engulf you. This point of life is very delicate, and could even make a big difference in terms of intimacy and love. However, it doesn’t have to be the case and with Hzone app, you will find out that falling in love and meeting new friends is not a restriction if you are suffering from herpes, HIV, and other forms of STDs.

As an HIV dating app, Hzone provides all the support you need to meet a new partner. its goal is to change how you view life, and make you realize that you must not stop yourself from enjoying life or going out on dates if you suffer from HIV.